Meditation Basics – How to Get Started

So you’re interested in quieting the mind?  I was also wondering about meditation and how to get started just a few months ago.  And then rather than just exploring some options with a low time commitment online and the bargain cost of free, I decided … Read more

Thoughts of a Meditator

Just after I returned from the Chopra Seduction of Spirit event in the summer of 2013, I began a daily meditation practice and it was beautiful. The days were warm, sun rising early, I was focused and dedicated and felt a methodical rhythm. Despite my … Read more

Tech Gadgets for Meditation in Modern Life

Last week I provided some practical ways to incorporate meditation into modern life and this week is a continuation of that subject.  So how did the last week go?  If you were able to bring some of these techniques into play, give yourself a big … Read more

Willing to Let Your Guard Down?

I’m vulnerable, you’ve hooked me, I’m a little bit nervous and at the same time, feel so alive. That was how I woke up feeling after going on a fabulous date with an incredible guy.  Everyone has their defense mechanism styles, which are usually just … Read more

Variety is the Spice of Meditation

Last week I promised to follow-up on the topic of putting 7 daily spiritual principles into action.  As I continue to learn more about meditation and mindfulness, one of the things that has been really enjoyable is realizing there are so many recipes to choose … Read more

Meditation Ideas for August 2014

It’s summer! The sun is shining and by now, maybe you’ve enjoyed some relaxing days at the beach and yummy outdoor BBQs. And yet, do you still have a feeling of being unsettled and a bit stressed out? Are you thinking: “What’s my career path?” … Read more

Meditation in Modern Life

Lots of people ask why I started this site.  Well, like all of us, I have experienced UPs and DOWNs in this wild ride called life!  And in the last few years, I really started considering how I’ve chosen to react or respond to the … Read more