Let the quest begin!

I recently had the pleasure to attend an event dedicated to personal quests!  It was the book signing event for Chris Guillebeau’s most recent writing release called “The Happiness of Pursuit” and it was epic and inspiring.  The room was filled with like-minded people who are on a quest, want to be on a quest and are mesmerized by other people who follow their quest – so energizing!

Chris had a quest that began 10 years ago – it was not clearly defined when he started, but crystallized into the goal of visiting all 193 countries recognized by the UN by his 35th birthday.  Last year, as Chris landed in Oslo, Norway to complete this quest! There were great stories told and a vibrant Q&A that followed.  During the event, Chris reviewed 3 of the 13 lessons he learned on his worldwide adventures.happinessofpursuit

Here they are to get you started on your own personal quest:

1. Follow your dream…even if no one else does.   Not everyone needs to believe in your dream, but you do.  Oprah Winfrey was once asked about her work and immediately she began gushing – its her destiny, she drawn to it, its her purpose.  Then they asked her why she works out and she responded so that she wouldn’t have a big butt.  That response is a moving away goal.  You might achieve the weight loss success, but once you’re there, it can be challenging to maintain.

In contrast, Oprah’s life’s work is a moving toward goal – she is so attracted to it, there is a single-minded focus and determination.  Using a moving toward mindset is how your dream will become a reality.   Create a specific goal by that is backed an intense passion – no matter what others think or believe.

2. Discontent can be a catalyst for change.   Pay attention to the dissatisfaction.  It could be that you are unhappy with a current situation or maybe there’s just a faint sense of longing for something more.  Start asking questions and get curious – what if I actually pursued that dream or idea?

Chris told a story of a woman who grew up with many international experiences and wanted the same for her children, but was unable to make that a reality at that moment.  Rather than give up on this idea and live in frustration, she got creative and decided to use her skills as a culinary chef to create a meal a week from every country.  During that week, the home would have music from the country, a flag and other cultural concepts intertwined to create an international atmosphere.   In 2 1/2 years, she and her family traveled virtually to every country – what a great way to turn frustration into motivation!

3. Every day matters.  It helps to have an awareness of mortality.   As a matter of fact, the latest statistics show that the death rate remains constant at 100%.   And yet, rather than look at it from that perspective, how about considering what you DO want your life to mean?  And then start doing something.  Do anything – even the smallest step toward creating your vision is a step closer than you were moments before.

I bought my first domain name for a website in October 2013 and didn’t write one piece of content until January 2014.  You know those websites that read “Under construction”?  That’s what mine said – it sounds very productive being under construction – you can imagine lots going on behind the scenes, but that wasn’t happening at all.

After I plunked down my credit card to buy the domain, I pushed it to the back of my mind, until the inspiration and desire kept coming up over and over again and then finally I made the next move.  Like Billy Crystal’s character in When Harry Met Sally – when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody (or in this case, achieving your vision), you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Get going – enjoy all those wild brilliant ideas you have and for the one that just keeps resonating and getting louder, follow it.  Let the quest begin!

~ Health, Happiness and Prosperity ~


  1. Dorothy Richards says:

    Was inspired by this post. I have smart
    feet and when I don’t want to leave the
    house, but take contrary action, I feel
    better. Getting started is harder for me
    than staying committed.

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