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One of the most fun things I’m enjoying is realizing is that my creative passion for writing also comes with a flair for enjoying including images with the text. It really ties it all together for me and since I’m still really somewhat new writing in this style and editing photos, I figure if I put them together, at least one of the two might grab your attention and be of interest ;-) So with that idea in mind, I’d like to share a digital camera research tool I’ve used for years and find to be fair, impartial, accurate and of course, FREE! It’s a great website that provides “unbiased digital camera reviews, advice, and prices” called Digital Camera HQ.

The last 2 cameras I purchased were made after pouring over a ton of research, reviews and feedback from owners with regard to pros/cons.  And it’s so painful no matter what you select because within 6 months, a new version is out with all the bells and whistles you really wanted…

I was inspired about this today as I’m preparing for an amazing trip to the Galapagos Islands – a mecca for photography options, especially as an animal lover and someone who is super curious about what else is out there besides the norm.  So excited and yet, a bit concerned – can my cameras get all the shots I want??

Underwater shot with the Sony Cybershot

First, I have an all-weather camera – the Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10, and even when I originally bought it a few years ago, it wasn’t a slam dunk on all the features.  I bought it in bright pink, which is just fun for an accessory and have used it on ski slopes, which is awesome that even if it falls or the weather is sub-zero, the camera is holding strong.  More importantly, though, I love snorkeling and have used it underwater a few times.  The shots are good, but slightly less clear and close-up than I would have expected.  Considering this is a hobby I only partake in once a year or so, this does the trick.  Not to mention, I sometimes realize that I’m working so hard to get the right shot, I’m not even enjoying the pristine silence of nature and wildlife surrounding me…and that’s one of many reasons I meditate and remind myself to stay in the moment.  Anyway, out of curiosity, I looked up the review today on DigitalCameraHQ and it still ranks as a B+, even though a newer model is available now!  That’s pretty cool for a slightly outdated camera in terms of technological advances…

Incredible zoom on the Canon Powershot

And I also have my DSLR Canon Powershot SX10, which gets a grade of a B now on the site, not surprisingly since I bought it in 2009 and is discontinued with 2 newer models following it.  I knew the SX20 would be arriving soon after I bought this one, but my trip to Africa and my elephant and zebra subjects would not  wait for me, so I jumped in and am glad that I got a super high-end camera on the market that has served all my needs, especially the original 3,000 shots I took over just a few days on safari in the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

~ Health, Happiness and Prosperity ~  And to many great shots with whatever camera(s) you use!

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