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Exploring Mindfulness and meditation at a time

What I really, really Wanted

Ah, to dream of my ideal daily routine – it starts with a morning meditation, followed by a soulful workout and topped off with a yummy and healthy green juice – all that before 10am.  A couple years ago someone asked me to consider what I wanted, what I really, really wanted.  At the time …

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Embrace Summer Days

Hot days, the beach, melting popsicles and relaxation – that’s what reminds me of summertime. All my cares just drifted away as I laughed with friends – at least that’s what I did as a kid at day camp many years ago! Interestingly, I once again have a similar schedule to those long lost summer …

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Shift Your Perspective

Embrace the Unknown Have you ever felt like you were being pulled to do something? And then it happened…that other voice in your head spoke up louder saying “This isn’t the right time.  Once I’m more prepared, then I’ll make a change”.  I was very familiar with the on-going desire to make a change and …

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Camino de Santiago…Walking the Way

5 days, 5 friends, 1 pair of boots, 100 Km and lots of rain…this is my journey on the Camino. Camino de Santiago…walking the Way, Santiago de Compostela, St. James Way – so many names, so many routes, so many steps – all leading to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Many people ask me, …

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Meditation Basics – How to Get Started

So you’re interested in quieting the mind?  I was also wondering about meditation and how to get started just a few months ago.  And then rather than just exploring some options with a low time commitment online and the bargain cost of free, I decided to go for a full week-long immersion through a course …

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Removing the Burden to Live in the Now

“The Burden” – that’s the message I received.  What started as excitement, anticipation and curiosity quickly turned into anxiety, fear and self-doubt.  My shoulders slumped and I felt myself shrinking inside, hoping not be noticed…even though nobody else was in the room.  Where did these words come from – delivered with such power?  They were …

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Thoughts of a Meditator

Just after I returned from the Chopra Seduction of Spirit event in the summer of 2013, I began a daily meditation practice and it was beautiful. The days were warm, sun rising early, I was focused and dedicated and felt a methodical rhythm. Despite my knowledge that things zig and zag and don’t just stay …

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